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The Signature Style

Peter's signature style is to combine different styles and periods while creating a harmonious ensemble. Mixing modern design and antiques with each piece adding its own layer of individuality. Creating rooms which look as though they came together over time.

It's the contrast of periods and styles that will make the interior timeless, interesting and "home" for the clients, based on their preferences and wishes.

Are you more into Scandinavian designs or mid-century interiors? Or modern, vintage or eclectic? Do you like bold colours or do you prefer sandy tones? Together we can brainstorm and create a style and ambiance that will provide a comfortable home for you and impress your visitors at the same time.

Peter's view

"My three key principles are:

1. Each item individually should be beautiful on its own.

2. Together the items should work well without necessarily matching completely in style.

3. The total composition, dimensions of the furniture and the division of the space should be well balanced.

By respecting these principles your home will be beautiful and timeless."

About Peter

"Personally, I am a big fan of rather maximalist interiors where there is a lot to discover when you look around. Creating interesting views by using the technique of layering furniture and juxtaposition of contrasting elements. It's not only about the total picture and ambiance, but each item should be beautiful or interesting on its own.

I love old things, character and patina. I love the hunt for special pieces and it’s the sustainable choice as well. For me, the balanced mix of contrasting objects and things that don't necessarily belong together is what makes a room interesting and exciting. A beautifully designed space often looks very natural and un-designed with a certain nonchalance."

Peter's great-grandfather being a carpenter, Peter grew up with a love for quality, craftmanship and beautiful materials such as wood. His family used to tell about the pieces his great-grandfather made and about the techniques he used and the handmade details. These stories about family pieces and passion for the beauty of wood have influenced Peter until today.

The process

My job is to translate my clients’ dreams into reality and to focus on answering the essential question - how does the client want to live?

I listen and interpret their needs and wishes and aim to create a practical, beautiful home, not a ‘showroom house.’ Design projects are part interpretation, part reading between the lines and part intuition.

At every stage the clients are consulted to ensure they are completely happy with the design.

It starts with finding out the preferences of the client regarding styles, periods, materials and colors.

Then follows the layout of the space, putting pieces of furniture in the right spots to create atmosphere, warmth and maybe a surprising twist.

The Logo

In line with my ideas about opting for old and vintage things, the logo has a story of its own. I have a brass name plate on my door that belonged to my great-great-grandfather (yes indeed, the grandfather of my grandfather). After so many years of polishing it was practically illegible. After quite some research, I found someone who could re-engrave the letters by hand based on the very slight traces that were left of the original writing. So instead of using some digital font for the logo, I decided to incorporate the antique name plate into the logo.

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