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My motto is “One can never have enough lamps”. It’s true, I am crazy about lamps. A very common ambiance problem is the lighting. Some people wonder why their interior is not cozy and frequently the answer lies in the lighting. We can discuss together where to put lamps and what light temperature and luminosity is needed. You will be amazed what the difference can be.

Too often we see lowered ceilings with dozens of spotlights in it. Luckily there are so many beautiful lamps available (from hyper modern to antique). An old trick to achieve a nice ambiance is to have a lamp in each corner.


Combining vintage and antique furniture with a modern interior is great fun. My experience is that it is very often the antique piece that gives the “WOW-effect”. Surprisingly, also very young people are often the ones complimenting the antique cupboard or table. Don’t be scared and give it a try. The combination with modern elements and bold colors will make it look far from old-fashioned. It makes the space so much more exciting and unique.


With a famous design classic you never go wrong. Often associated with sterile office spaces, design classics like the Barcelona chair, the Wassily chair or the Corbusier LC2 also combine beautifully in a warm living room ambiance and will never be outdated. After more than 90 years they still look modern and provide elegance and class.


Have you ever heard of the counter reaction to minimalist interiors? Not everyone’s cup of tea, but a maximalist interior can be quite the topic of conversation with your guests. Do you dare to take this step?
Do you have a lot of personal items, maybe from your travels or family heirlooms of your parents or grand-parents? Let’s get them all out and see what we can do! An eclectic mix can be a very tasteful ensemble. Things that have been in boxes for decades could become the new eye-catcher in your modern living room. The following photos provide inspiration. Of course you decide if you want to go all the way or a bit less extreme.


Carpets give a lot of warmth and make your living room cozy. Which size do you need? Many people choose a size that is too small. The following rule can be of help: all the feet of your furniture or at least the front feet should be on the carpet to give an impression of luxury and coziness. As these photos show, you can even put smaller carpets on bigger carpets to adjust the size of your favorite carpet. It immediately gives a warmer feel to the space.


If you put identical lamps left and right of a painting or mirror it will just give you that classy look even in a more informal interior.


Book shelves never go out of style. Whether full of books or with objects that you want to display, shelves create a lot of ambiance. Usually the optimal effect is achieved with shelves from wall to wall and all the way up to the ceiling. Of course less is also possible if you prefer. If you go for lots of books a quirky option is to order them by color.


Photos from pinterest

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